Incipio Atlas iPhone 5 Case


I love waterproof cases. They are great and have saved me more then a few times. I have been using the Lifeproof for my iPhone 5 and was loving it until I started have a problem with the plastic screen. It started acting funny. There was an air bubble between the phone screen and the protective screen. I contacted support and they will be sending me a replacement. Since that is about 1-2 weeks off I wanted to keep my iPhone protected so I picked up the Atlas case after seeing promising reviews. I here are my finding after spending a week with the case.

The case looks great and it feels good in my hand. The home button is very sturdy but I noticed that you have to press right in the middle. If you are pressing the side of the button it will not always activate the button on the phone. The case has a glass screen versus a plastic on like other cases. This is the 2nd best part of the case. I had some issues playing games where my touch input was not being accepted. The best part of the case is in the US, if the phone is damaged while in the case, Incipio will replace your device. There are terms and conditions so make sure you look into that before submerging or dropping your phone on purpose (I don’t recommend that).

The switch on the side to flip your phone into silent mode was awkward for me as well. Placing the phone into silent mode was not difficult, but required more effort then flipping back to ring. A gentle tap put the phone back to ring where as you had to press hard to place the phone into silent mode. The case had no ill effects on photography for me. Video results on the other hard were not as good. The recorded audio was muffled, sounded as if I was recording underwater. Audio playback for music/movies/podcasts was tinny at higher volumes.

The bottom of the case features a clip that covers the charging port, headphone jack speaker & microphone. The clip was difficult to pop off when you needed a charge. Incipio does include an adapter to plug in for wired headphones. I personally use Bluetooth so I didn’t really test that out.

I contacted support about the issues I was having and they suggested I return it to the store I purchased it from and get a replacement. They also offered to replace it if the store would not accept the return.

The cost is on par with others in this category, $90.00. The case is promising and is a first run from the company. I hope Incipio improves and refines this case but until they do I do not recommend buying this case.

Incipio Atlas for iPhone

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