Check The Weather App Review

Check The Weather is a simple and beautifully designed app for the iPhone. I have been using it for a while now and absolutely love it. Once you launch the app the operation is basic and it is easy to set up. There is a quick tutorial that shows you how to move around the app and asks for permission to use your location. Provided you say yes, the app will automatically show you the weather where you are. If you say no then you will have to manually add locations.


Once that is complete you are at the main page. It shows your current location or a location you have chosen, with the current temperature, the “feels like” temperature, the sky conditions, a graph with 15 hour outlook of the temperature, a 3 day forecast and the sunrise & sunset times.


You are able to move around the app with simple swipe actions. Swiping left to right will bring up a 15 hour forecast showing the sky conditions, temperature and the humidity percentage.


Swiping right to left will bring up a 12 day forecast showing the same stats as above. The exception is the humidity, that is only 7 days.


Swiping up from the bottom will bring you to the radar. At the top of the slide out you will see if there is rain or snow expected with in the hour. You also have the ability to pan the map to see a broader area.


The app also offers the ability to view hazardous weather notifications for your area. If you tapp on the text you are taken to the notification.


Tapping on the current location section brings you to a sub menu. From that menu you can add locations and access the settings for the app. From here you can select the time (24 hour or 12 hour), change the temperature to Celsius, show the wind speed, display humidity and view detailed wind information. The app also allows you to change the theme. The theme includes 4 font options and 5 color options.


I like the white option as is shows the sky conditions in color vs white with the other colors. The black theme does look very sleek.

PROS: Simple to use and beautiful to look at.

CONS: There are a few cons for me. The first is that the hourly forecast is not always accurate. For example, as of this writing, it says that it is snowing outside while in fact it is just very cold. Second is that I personally would like a push notification when there is hazardous weather coming. The third con is that I can not make it my default weather app. That is an iOS con though, not the app itself.

For $0.99 it is defiantly worth it. There is also a lite version that excludes the radar, short term precipitation forecast, multiple locations and hazardous weather alerts.

What do you guys think?

Check The Weather ($0.99)

Check The Weather Lite (Free)


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